Q: How does iClean mini turn tap water into a cleaner?

A: iClean mini's electrolytic cell converts tap water into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO®). 

Q: What is Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO)?

A: Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, or simply SAO, is regular water infused with ozone (O3). Ozone is three oxygen atoms together. SAO is a powerful, Green Seal-approved cleaner, oxidizer, and deodorizer.

Q: Did tersano invent aqueous ozone?

A: Aqueous ozone has been around for centuries, most famously used by municipal facilities to sanitize drinking water. In 2015, tersano improved aqueous ozone's cleaning performance through patented stabilization, creating the world-renowned solution Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO). 

Q: Is there any proof that it really works? That it's safe?

A: tersano's SAO solution is a safe and effective cleaner, oxidizer, and deodorizer tested, approved, and compliant with various regulations from trusted sources like the EPACFIAGreen Seal, and more. 

Q: Do I need to do anything to maintain my iClean mini?

A: iClean mini uses a cartridge that pre-treats tap water before the device turns it into SAO. This cartridge enhances the cleaning performance while protecting the device's interior cell. The replaceable cartridge is the only maintenance your iClean mini ever needs.

Q: Why shouldn't I just use vinegar?

A: SAO is effective over a much broader range of microorganisms than vinegar, giving your pets and loved ones a safer, cleaner environment. SAO leaves your home fresh, clean, and fragrance-free, unlike vinegar's sour smell. While vinegar may have fewer toxic chemicals than bleach, it's commonly packaged in single-use plastic bottles that can end up in landfills. iClean mini's reusable technology saves thousands of pounds of plastic bottles from entering landfills every year.   

Q: Why haven't I heard of tersano before?

A: tersano has big shoes to fill, but we're well on our way to reaching our goal of Changing The Way The World Cleans. You'll even find our products in use at Facebook, Twitter, Adidas, Nestle, McDonald's, Stanford University, and Google, to name a few.