Since Tersano was founded in 2001, regulatory bodies have rigorously analyzed our business practices and products against certified metrics for measuring sustainability. Unlike many products and organizations that only claim to be sustainable, Tersano has the privilege of supporting our progress with validated proof from credible third-party organizations. The library of certifications and approvals we’ve earned over the last two decades speaks boldly to what we care about most: people and planet.

Green Seal Certified

Tersano’s SAO® broke records and received four Green Seal certifications, reinforcing our solution’s harmlessness to the environment and its ability to provide homes and businesses with zero-impact cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing. Tersano’s SAO Green Seal certifications include GS-8, GS-37, GS-52, and GS-53.

HACCP Certified

Tersano’s SAO® solution earned certification by HACCP, an organization dedicated to preventing biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes, with a primary focus on food handling and safety.

EcoVadis Accredited

At the beginning of 2022, EcoVadis awarded Tersano the prestigious bronze medallion to recognize our commitment to sustainability. EcoVadis certifications are one of the most rigorous and competitive to attain, with medals awarded to only a select few businesses judged on 21 categories.

GECA Certified

Tersano’s SAO® solution is GECA certified. GECA is committed to providing consumers with safer products and services that improve public health and environmental sustainability.

Biodegradable Certified

Green Clean Institute certified Tersano’s SAO as fully biodegradable. Along with this ruling was an assessment that resulted in Tersano’s SAO solution earning the maximum number of sustainability points possible for a product.