iClean® mini

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iClean® mini takes a different approach, turning tap water into a highly effective cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer that kills up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.  It’s simple, it’s proven and it’s 100% safe. Accidentally get it on your skin, in your eyes, even in your mouth — you’ll be fine. What is truly amazing is that this solution that is stronger than bleach and hydrogen peroxide simply reverts back to water and oxygen, so no harsh chemicals getting back out into our waterways or environment.

Included with your iClean mini is one SAO Cartridge which is good for 3 months or approx. 5 bottles of traditional chemicals.

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Let’s take a tour

The base of your iClean mini holds regular tap water. It’s easy to remove and refill, has an anti-skid base and a window to display water volume.

Next, there’s a replaceable filter to remove impurities in the water and keep your device healthy. We call it the iClean mini SAO Cartridge. Expect to replace yours every three months, on average.

Clean, filtered water travels up through a pump to a diamond electrode core that adds an extra atom and turns the water into aqueous ozone.

An intelligent CPU and circuit design ensures your system is operating efficiently at all times. Indicator lights will let you know when ozone is being produced and if your water tank or battery is running low.

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    Kill up to 99.999% of germs, bacteria and viruses — naturally.

    iClean mini holds a diamond core that generates a powerful oxidizer for maximum cleaning and sanitizing. Quickly and easily remove dirt, grime, stains, odors, mold, mildew and pesticides. Make short work of E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria and viruses similar to the one that causes COVID-19. Then rest easy, because best of all, it’s totally safe.

    On-Demand Cleaning. Naturally.

    Simply fill with drinking water, press the power button, and the iClean™ mini converts the water into a powerful oxidizer for on-demand cleaning anywhere, anytime. Safe to use around children, pets and food.

    Charge and go. And go. And go.

    Charge, fill, spray.  Once the mini is charged up in just 60 minutes, it lasts for hundreds of sprays. Clean, sanitize and deodorize virtually any surface.  No harmful residue rinsing.


    Clean and sanitize pretty much anything

    Incredibly effective on kitchen surfaces, produce, furniture, bathroom surfaces, carpets, toys, stainless steel, in your car and so much more.

    Clean and sanitize pretty much anything

    The science is simple and proven

    Ordinary aqueous ozone is produced by using electricity to add an oxygen molecule to O2, creating O3. This O3 is then infused into tap water to create safe aqueous ozone able to clean and sanitize.

    How it works

    1. Inside the iClean mini® , oxygen from the air is safely turned into ozone then infused into ordinary tap water.

    2. The ozone is attracted to germs, stains and bacteria.

    3. Harmless to people, the ozone quickly attacks and eliminates contaminants it comes in contact with.

    4. Only pure oxygen and water remain after the ozone cleans and sanitizes.

    Studies? We’ve got ‘em.

    Governmental bodies, independent test laboratories and sustainability organizations all agree that iClean mini is a safe, sustainable alternative to traditional chemical cleaners and sanitizers.

    Our clients are world leading universities to Fortune 500 companies.

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