Cannabis Industry

For many, medicinal marijuana is a gift that helps soothe aches, manage pain, support mental health, and survive the trauma of health complications. For these reasons, as well as so many others, Kwang Bin Im started a cannabis farm for military veterans and those suffering from cancer and PTSD who may not have the resources to cover the cost of skyrocketing pharmaceuticals.

“When I started my farm,” explains Kwang. “I quickly realized one big challenge would be the insects like aphids, spider mites, white flies, etc... that are attracted to cannabis so I had to find a solution — fast.” After trying several organic remedies with little-to-no success, Kwang consulted a friend who encouraged him to try spraying Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO®) on his plants. Says Kwang, “Honestly, I was skeptical; but he’s a good friend so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I tried SAO to keep the insects and bacteria away from my plants and I was amazed.” SAO is a simple, safe, sustainable way to clean, sanitize, and deodorize without harmful chemicals. Created on-demand using a patented technology, SAO starts as tap water, turns into a cleaner and sanitizer for up to 24 hours, and then reverts safely back to water. SAO is produced in a hand-held device called the iClean® PRO as well as in a bigger dispenser for cleaning large areas.”

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When used as directed, the Tersano / SAO system:

  • Kills 99.99% of harmful germs — including the virus that causes COVID-19 as well as many other transmittable viruses.
  • Is produced on-demand eliminating the need to continually purchase harmful chemicals and disinfectants.
  • Is safe for use around people, planet, and pets.
  • Offers growers a simple, safe, and sustainable way to protect and grow vegetation.

Since I started using SAO on my plants, I literally no longer have problems with bugs. My plants are also growing bigger and faster.

Kwang Bin, Founder
Hawaii 808 420 Growers


Kwang currently maintains a 320 square-foot area of cannabis and will soon be expanding to nearly a half acre. He regularly produces up to two pounds per month and envisions quadrupling that rate as he expands the size of his farm to help more people. A Hollywood stuntman by trade, Kwang has a long list of film credits handling stunts for Marvel action films, the Hawaii Five-O television series, and many others. He needs a simple, safe, sustainable way to clean and sanitize his leaves.


He was inspired to help those struggling as a way of giving back. “I started using SAO exclusively for my farm and have now expanded to cleaning my entire home with it; I also clean all my vegetables, fish, and meats before cooking.” he shares. “I no longer buy Windex, Clorox Wipes, or almost any other chemical cleaner.”
While Kwang has long used organic growing products including humic acid, bone meal, kelp and manure, SAO takes his drive for sustainability to a whole new level: “There’s no packaging, no waste by-product, and no harmful consequences. It’s tap water and electricity. Can’t get much better than that.”

I clean everything in my home with SAO — from door knobs to trash cans to kitchen and bathroom sinks. It’s amazing.

-Kwang Bin