To ensure the increased safety of its staff, food prep areas, and guest dining spaces, Domino’s Pizza #2602 in Hobart, Indiana, has chosen tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO®) as a safe, sustainable alternative to toxic chemicals.

This QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) location, along with 22 others in northern Indiana, has replaced its commercial cleaners with all-in-one SAO for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing.


Innovative, patent-protected tersano SAO:

  • Delivers on-site generation eliminating the purchase, transport, distribution and storage of multiple cleaning products.
  • Provides standardized training to staff.
  • Is non-corrosive and safe for all surfaces--particularly stainless steel.
  • Provides residue-free cleaning ensuring the clean lasts longer.
  • Has an SDS rating of 0-0-0 so ingredients, staff and guests are at no risk from toxic chemicals.
  • Is stronger than chlorine bleach, yet has zero impact on people or the planet.

"We make hundreds of pizzas a day. Bringing SAO in means we are keeping the cleaning chemicals out: out of our restaurant, out of our ingredients, and out of my staff’s hands."

Jim Gronemann
Owner, President
22 Domino’s Pizza Parlors, Indiana


Increased Safety and Productivity — With food prep areas out in the open, thousands of square feet of stainless, glass, and plastic, and staff working in close quarters, Domino’s store #2602 needed to find a high-performance, low-risk way to keep their restaurant clean and hygienic. The business chose tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO).


SAO is an approved cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer. This unique feature enables for an all-in-one sustainable alternative to traditional chemical cleaners. tersano SAO:

  • Replaces inventories of toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • Prevents millions of liters of toxic chemicals from being emptied into landfill, ground water systems, streams, and rivers.


Switching from traditional cleaning chemicals to SAO at Domino's:

  • Reduces plastic packaging and chemical emissions.
  • Dramatically-lowers carbon footprint through onsite generation.
  • Does no harm to staff, customers or local ecosystems as SAO reverts to oxygen and water after use.
  • Complements Domino’s commitment to sustainability as a no-rinse cleaner and removing the chemicals, eliminating the fumes, and protecting the skin.

"Using SAO instead of chemicals is a simpler, safer, and more sustainable way to clean my restaurants."

Jim Gronemann