Tersano Earns EcoVadis Bronze for Sustainable Cleaning Product

EcoVadis recently awarded Tersano the prestigious bronze medallion to recognize our commitment to the environment in manufacturing and distributing sustainable cleaning products.

As a global leader in business sustainability ratings, France-based EcoVadis evaluates over 90,000 companies based on 21 categories of sustainability. EcoVadis medallions are one of the most competitive sustainability awards to attain. Assessments are advanced and elaborate, taking months to complete, with medals awarded to just a small percentage of businesses across 200 industries and 160 countries.

See what the EcoVadis bronze medallion means for Tersano below, with input from Founder and CEO Steve Hengsperger.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is an employee-owned public benefit corporation specializing in environmental compliance across various industries. EcoVadis provides a universal platform and scoring system to help companies identify their sustainability targets, measure their performance, and manage solutions for continued success in sustainability, environmental compliance, and corporate responsibility.

EcoVadis Sustainability Ratings

EcoVadis sustainability ratings cover four critical themes: environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Experts compare a company’s policies, actions, and results against these four themes to determine their sustainability rating. Information may additionally be collected or provided by third-party external sources.

The ranking criterion for EcoVadis sustainability ratings includes platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. The most coveted rating, platinum, is awarded to the top 1% of assessed companies, gold, the top 5%, silver, the top 25%, and bronze, the top 50%. Companies must achieve a sustainability rating between 47 and 55 to acquire any accreditation in compliance with EcoVadis’ exacting standards.

Changing the Way the World Cleans

EcoVadis recognizes that Tersano is committed to changing the way the world cleans by reducing the number of harsh chemicals in the environment. Our leading-edge technologies and on-site generation help businesses and individuals clean more sustainably, reducing their environmental impact and protecting the earth from four critical risks: air pollution, water pollution, plastic waste, and carbon emissions.

“We are honoured to be recognized by the world’s most trusted evaluator of sustainable business practices, EcoVadis,” states Tersano’s President and CEO, Steve Hengsperger, “Harsh chemical cleaners continue to make the world unsustainable. Our mission is to change that trajectory through the innovation of Tersano’s Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, a much more responsible alternative cleaning solution to traditional cleaning products.”

Tersano’s sustainable cleaning products have been acknowledged by world-leading regulatory bodies including, but not limited to, Green Seal, HACCP, LEED, TUV, CFIA, USDA, CSA, and now, EcoVadis. Our roster of approvals and certifications grows each year and proves that our cleaning technologies are a trusted, effective, and sustainable alternative to traditional chemicals.

Tersano is Only Getting Started

Tersano’s commitment to the environment is not only demonstrated through our sustainable cleaning products but also modelled in our day-to-day operations and processes. Our suppliers, distributors, and customers share our vision of a future with less harsh chemicals and our drive to create it together. While we are proud of all we have achieved so far, Tersano is committed to improving the sustainability of our practices until we hit carbon zero, negative, and beyond.

“We will always keep improving our sustainability program to achieve carbon zero goals,” Hengsperger remarks, “We are very proud to be awarded the EcoVadis bronze medallion.”

How can Tersano achieve EcoVadis silver, gold, or even platinum medallions next? Leave your recommendations in the comments!


The EcoVadis bronze medallion reminds Tersano that we are in the business of change. No matter how granular and finite our everyday habits and tasks – like cleaning – can be, sustainably innovating the way we work will create a greener earth for future generations. To learn more about Tersano’s commitment to changing the way the world cleans, read our latest blog and discover SAO’s sustainability in four key points!

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