SAO-4 Cartridge

EUR €600.00

Tersano's cartridge is a patent-protected filtration system. Cold water enters the cartridge, where resins remove select contaminants. Once stabilized, this water is ready to be infused with ozone and creates SAO™.

The SAO-4 cartridge will dispense 5,000 litres of SAO which remains effective for up to 4 hours of sanitizing time and 3 days of cleaning time.

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  • Tersano's SAO-4 cartridge is a patent-protected, resin filtration system.
  • Once cold water passes through the SAO-4 cartridge, the solution is now ‘stabilized’ and ready to be infused with ozone to create Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO™).
  • SAO-4 cartridges provide approved sanitizing up to 4 hrs and cleaning for 3 days.

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