Cleaning Innovation

tersano’s technologies transform tap water into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO®) on-site and on-demand. This unique, patent-protected innovation can replace up to 90% of conventional chemicals, while enhancing cleanliness, and boosting efficiency and sustainability across your entire workflow.

From agriculture and horticulture to commercial kitchens and quick-service restaurants, our technologies provide food service professionals with a viable, innovative alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals.

Technologies by tersano

lotus® PRO

the lotus PRO converts water into SAO on demand for filling spray bottles, mop buckets, and floor cleaning machines:

• All-in-one cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer
• Effective against food borne pathogens
• FDA approved food processing aid
• Safe for food-contact surfaces
• No toxins, fragrances, additives, or preservatives
• No rinse, dries without residue

CIP System

iClean® FLO₃ transforms tap water into powerful aqueous ozone in-line and on-demand for a myriad of food industry applications:

• Soda fountain lines
• Ice machines
• Misting systems
• Irrigation
• Fish, beef, and produce processing
• Winery and brewery bottle and can lines
• and more!

Mobile Solutions

Create SAO anytime, anywhere. tersano's mobile solutions transform tap water into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone at point-of-use providing busy food service professionals with a quick and easy solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing. Our mobile solutions include:

• iClean® mini
• iClean® PRO

Food Industry Applications

The value of SAO is realized in the food industry across the entire supply chain: growing and farming, processing and production, restaurants and retailers, and more.

Agriculture, Hydroponics, Farming

In agriculture, hyrdoponics, and farming, tersano's innovative ozone cleaning technologies can be used for:

  • Cleaning hydroponics systems
  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Fruit and vegetable disinfection
  • Producing ozonated water for aquaculture

Food Processing and Production

Industry professionals praise tersano's CIP system iClean FLO₃ for its safe, sustainable, and versatile cleaning application in food processing facilities:

  • Bottling lines
  • Kegs and barrels
  • Process piping
  • Equipment
  • Fish, beef, produce sanitizing
  • Odor control


tersano's ozone cleaning technologies provide a viable solution for maintaining freshness in transportation:

  • Ozonated water and ice
  • Fleet cleaning
  • Odor control

Grocers & Supermarkets

For grocery stores, tersano's technologies provide full site coverage:

  • Misting systems
  • Ozonated ice for freezers
  • General cleaning and sanitizing: aisles, conveyor belts, grocery carts, bathrooms

Food Service

Throughout the world, tersano's SAO is used by food service professionals and QSR chains to clean:

  • Dining areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Ice machines
  • Beverage lines
  • Glassware
  • Produce
  • and more!

Changing The Way The Food Industry Cleans

Case Studies

Read success stories from food service facilities like yours that have made the switch from traditional chemicals to SAO.


For decades, tersano has maintained the status of industry leader in ozone cleaning technologies. The certifications and approvals we have earned speak volumes to our safety, sustainability, and credibility.

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