Let's get cleaning down to a science.

The iClean mini home cleaning gadget uses electrolytic technology to turn water into a cleaner on demand.

A refillable water tank at the bottom of the device holds ordinary tap water. When the "spray" button is activated, the water in the tank travels past a replaceable filtration cartridge that removes impurities from your tap water to provide optimal cleaning performance.

The iClean mini then infuses an extra oxygen atom into the water to create super-oxygenated water, a harm-free cleaning solution that gets the job done without any harsh chemicals.

The iClean mini's solution does not contain the harmful ingredients frequently found in everyday cleaning products. Instead, it has two (and only two) ingredients altogether: water and super-oxygen.

The super-oxygen in the iClean mini's solution is simply ordinary oxygen with one extra oxygen atom added. This extra oxygen atom is unstable and searches for something to bond with, like dirt, dust, and surface contaminants. Once it does, it breaks down contaminants through natural oxidization.

Because the third oxygen atom is unstable, the solution returns to regular water and oxygen leaving nothing behind. It's safe, proven, and trusted by millions of users worldwide.