Tech Cleaning with the iClean mini

Clean your technology with technology.


The iClean mini turns water into a powerful oxidizing cleaner that's safe and effective for use on all your everyday electronics. Just add water to the base of the iClean mini, and technology takes care of the rest, turning it into an all-in-one cleaner and deodorizer when you spray. Keep reading to unlock our top tips for cleaning your electronic devices with the iClean mini below!


Note: to avoid damage, never spray the iClean mini directly on your electronic devices. Instead, follow our guide below!

Start by giving your entertainment systems some tender love and care with the iClean mini. Pair the iClean mini with a soft, scratch-free cloth, like microfiber, to avoid scraping and dulling glass, plastic, or stainless steel materials.

Lightly spray your microfiber cloth with the iClean mini's solution, ensuring not to saturate the fabric. Then, swiping left to right, wipe down the entire surface area of your entertainment systems, like record players, gaming consoles, and television speaker systems.

As a residue-free solution, you do not have to follow up the application with a water rinse. However, you may wipe down your devices with a secondary microfiber cloth to ensure your electronics are dry to the touch.

Like with your entertainment systems, lightly apply the iClean mini's solution to a scratch-free cloth without saturating. Wipe down all the screens in your home – televisions, cellphones, computers, tablets – with the dampened cloth from left to right until you've cleared the entire surface area of dust, streaks, and fingerprints. As a residue-free cleaner, the iClean mini's solution will always leave a streak-free finish.

 If you've been working up a sweat, your home gym equipment might need some freshening up. As an all-in-one cleaner and deodorizer, the iClean mini easily and effectively completes two jobs in one go!

Spray your microfiber cloth with the iClean mini's solution, then wipe down your workout equipment, covering all the nooks and grooves for best results. Let the solution soak into non-electronic fabric items like bench cushioning to remove sweat, odors, and stains.

To remove fingerprints, streaks, cooking spatters, and oil marks from your kitchen appliances, spray the iClean mini's solution on a clean microfiber cloth and wipe them down. For stubborn grime, repeat the application 1-2 times if necessary.

Nowadays, technology isn't just your smartphone or home security system. Now, even many instruments are manufactured with electronic functionality for seamless integration. To clean your musical instruments without risking damage from abrasive chemicals, choose the iClean mini!

The iClean mini's gentle yet effective cleaning power makes it the perfect solution for maintaining the like-new shine of your musical instruments. Spray your microfiber cloth with the iClean mini's solution without saturating, and gently wipe them down. With all that dust and dander taken care of, you may even notice an improvement in the sound!

Lastly, take your cleaning routine from inside to outside for the final step. The iClean mini is a safe and effective solution for cleaning virtually everywhere inside and outside your car: the seats, handles, windows, dashboard - there's no messy car the iClean mini can't conquer! In line with routine, spray your microfiber, scratch-free cloth with the iClean mini's solution and wipe down your car's interior and exterior.


If technology makes your life easier, let it make cleaning easier, too! The iClean mini is the ultimate device for cleaning sensitive items: music players, gaming systems, smartphones, and all electronics in-between. Always ready when you are, the iClean mini will change how you love your tech for the better!

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